Edwards Encourages Young People to Get Involved with Fight Against Poverty

Washington, DC — In an effort to get more young people involved in the fight against poverty, Senator John Edwards will travel to ten schools across the country in October to launch Project Opportunity, a new student-led effort to encourage young people to make the elimination of poverty the cause of their generation.

“In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we have a historic opportunity. The country is hungry for change and we do not have to live in an America that accepts poverty as a fact of life or chooses to ignore it,” Edwards said. “At so many critical moments in our nation’s history, it has been our young people who have made a difference, and that’s why I am asking them to join me and their peers in making the eradication of poverty the cause of this generation.”

Senator Edwards will travel to the following schools on the following …

Listen to Edawards fight poverty

One week ago today, former Senator and vice-presidential nominee John Edwards came to Yale to address an issue too often overlooked by Americans. To a packed audience of students and New Haven citizens, Edwards described the issue of poverty as one of the great moral challenges of our time. His advice was simple and to the point: to take the window of opportunity before us — a window that was opened just weeks ago by the devastating hurricanes in the Gulf — and build a national movement to right the wrongs of race and class which it so painfully exposed. Think what you may about Edwards and his presumed aspirations in politics, the rhetoric was more than high-flung; it was long overdue.

Consider the issue of poverty in our city and state. One out of every four New Haven citizens lives in poverty today. One out of three New Haven …